Sussex Bluebells woodland
Sussex Bluebells (photo:


REPLENISH. Singing brings us dynamic relaxation; it is soothing and energising.
RECONNECT. With Your Humanity, Our Humanity, With Others, With Nature, With Yourself.
REMEMBER.Singing is Innate.
Simple pleasures bring joy. Simple warm ups of the body breath and voice bring our Voices Out alongside Singing by Ear and Improvisation.
. Let Nature in through your senses and Awaken Your Curiosity.

CAPACITY. Increase the space in your heart for all living beings.
RECIPROCITY. According to the beliefs of Buen Vivir and other similar indigenous beliefs
an individual’s wellbeing can only be achieved through harmonious relationships with the wider community – including people, the environment, other living beings, their ancestors and the cosmos. Below are related links to Celyn’s work and Dates of Experiences She Offers:

r.e link: (click text on left) These beautiful lullabies are for any age. We invite you to journey to a place of wonder, and to arrive at a place of calm.

WoW,  This is absolutely gorgeous! Thank You so much for sharing your beautiful music. WE can’t wait to share it with our community. Beautiful!’     Love, Sarah and Karisha (Mamuse)

Dates 2022:

Here is a message posted on the Facebook page 12/05/22:

Hi All.

Just to let you know how things are unfolding with Singing In Nature.

There are no upcoming dates for events at present.

I am developing my connections and contacts to collaborate with.

I have access to two woodland sites and one market garden to share songs and nature with you. 

My influences are mentioned below to give you a taste of what’s to come.

I am mentored by Thomas Schorr-kon; an expert in survival skills and nature connection who has years of experience working with numerous ages and backgrounds. 

I am also mentored by Chris North; a lifemusician. Lifemusic is a structured approach to improvisation and a LOT of fun! I receive singing lessons and mentoring from two Natural Voice Leaders I have great respect for; Anna Tabbush and Su Hart.

I am in conversation with a dance facilitator about collaborating in one of the woodlands but shall not name her until we confirm our collaboration.

I am applying for grants and business mentoring because setting things up is a challenging time. It involves investing energy, time and money before things are settled enough to sustain a person financially.

Stay tuned! 


Celyn x