About Celyn

Celyn draws inspiration from nature especially woodlands. She grew up among Sussex hills and trees. Her father specialised in birdsong working in the National Sound Archive of the British Library and encouraged her to play piano. In adulthood traveling and living on the land while building homes and growing food, she realised her voice was a more portable instrument than piano(!) In Peru and Bolivia she discovered people with very little who had so much heart. Bonding with an indigenous community in the rainforest, as well as in schools and kindergartens was aided through the learning and sharing of songs in Spanish and English.

Singing became a vital part of Celyn’s life, whether singing when collecting wood or water, digging the earth or plastering cob walls or singing with others to honour the moon and earth cycles. Whilst living in a Pembrokeshire woodland without electricity or running water, she attended monthly Natural Voice Choirs in a meadow and loved the experience.

Following her Singing Mamas Choir Leadership training in 2020, Celyn joined the Natural Voice Network. Celyn continues to develop her singing knowledge and voice. She initiated and led Natural Voice Lullaby Project (2021-present). She is mentored by Thomas Schorr-kon and singing teacher Su Hart. Celyn sings about nature, in nature inspired by her deep love of nature!