About Celyn

Celyn has always been at home with trees, creative and playful by nature.

Traveling a few months in Peru and Bolivia she met people with very little who had so much heart. She found that learning and sharing songs in English and Spanish aided in bonding with an indigenous community in the rainforest as well as in schools and kindergartens.

Back in the UK singing became a vital part of Celyn’s life whether collecting wood or water, digging the earth, planting or plastering cob walls for example. Also in circle she loved singing with others to mark phases in the sun, moon and earth cycles or as they worked with the land.

Whilst living in a Pembrokeshire woodland without electricity or running water, she attended monthly Natural Voice Choir in a meadow. She loved the experience.

After spending her twenties mostly living on the land in various shelters including a tipi and roundhut she returned to the sussex village where she had spent her childhood (often scrambling up the hills and trees).

Celyn joined the Natural Voice Network in 2020.

Celyn continues to grow her understanding of body, breath and voice. On her singing path and path uniting people with nature she is inspired and encouraged by her friends, other Natural Voice leaders, teachers and mentors.

These include Su Hart, Frankie Armstrong, Edwin Brooks, April Coffey and Shirley Stump, Mamuse, Eleanor Brown and organisations such as Cultivating Curiosity.

Celyn initiated and led Natural Voice Lullaby Project (2021-present).

To tune into the lullabies visit: