Singing With Nature Events

We warm up our body, breath and voice and connect with nature with simple practices. Songs are taught by ear. There’s no need to be able to read music. All are welcome (within the maximum of 15 places). You can tune into songs in the media section of this website similar to those that are shared.

The woodland terrain is rough with tree roots and unfortunately unsuitable for standard wheelchairs.

£6-£15 sliding scale (so that those who can pay more can cover those who haven’t the financial means at this time)

If you would like a one-to-one singing walk or you have friends in mind you’d like to bring for a bespoke group session get in touch using the form in ‘contact’ on this site.


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To pay you can click on the button below terms and conditions. If unable to do so write in Amount Paid: ‘Paying in cash’ (bring it on the day)

Terms and conditions:

1) The PARTICIPANT states that he/she is fully aware that Singing With Nature even under the safest conditions possible may be dangerous, and the PARTICIPANT hereby agrees to accept full responsibility for all risks.

2) The PARTICIPANT agrees to treat all living beings present at Singing With Nature with respect and consideration. 

Dates 2023:

Tuesday 31st January.

Would you like to Sing with Nature? With a fire to warm? Do this already or new to it? All welcome!

Elfwoods from 10.00-11.30.Tuesday 31st January.

Directions to site at under ‘contact’

Additional info: 

-Fire will be kept by a firekeeper. We will come and go from it.

-Bring a drink and wear weather suited clothes e.g warm and comfy clothing.

-Wear no scent or keep it as natural as possible so that we can enjoy the fresh air and deepen our breathing. There is also a no smoking rule for the duration of our session.

-We move at tree pace/ forest bathing pace. An adequate level of fitness is required.