What You Say

Myself and little one absolutely loved attending Celyn’s singing session! The songs were so beautiful and wonderful to sing. I’ve been singing them since and use as lullabies for my little one. Celyn is a really great facilitator, she shares the songs with skill and her passion shines through. Really engaging and authentic! I highly recommend her sessions – Shirley Stump

Thank you for the beautiful songs today. I am feeling most grateful. I would love to hear them again and again- Ayla Willow (Celyn shared two of her own songs with all present at one of Ayla Willow’s Mothers Fire events.)

I have gone for a singing walk with Celyn. She is amazing! The songs are nature focused and easy to pick up. It’s really worth going, I invite you to consider joining if you are in the area. She’s really knowledgeable and connected with nature’s energy and has an amazing relaxing voice.’ – Fabiana Cousins

Special thanks to Celyn for your wonderful, gentle focus in pulling this together– Judith Silver (Celyn initiated and leads the meetings of Natural Voice Leaders involved in ‘Natural Voice Lullaby Project’)

Celyn has a unique way with words and a magnetic connection to nature. She sees the natural world for all its magic and uses the energy and her instinct to guide the songs she chooses. These elements frame the way she leads her singing walks as she moves alongside you to guide what she would like you to notice. I come away feeling inspired and with a new found connection to my voice and seeing what surrounds me in a different way – Victoria Greenly

WoW,  This is absolutely gorgeous! Thank You so much for sharing your beautiful music. WE can’t wait to share it with our community. Beautiful! Love, Sarah and Karisha (Mamuse)(r.e the lullaby album as linked to on intro page)

‘It is so full of beautiful  soothing, comforting  sounds and arrangements – so needed when the world has such harsh sounds.  It grows on me more with each listening.‘- Frankie Armstrong on the lullaby album (as linked to on intro page) ( President of the Natural Voice Network)